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Battery Storage

We take pride in offering a variety of state-of-the-art batteries that perfectly complement your panel system. Our solar batteries provide an eco-efficient solution for storing any solar energy generated by your panels. Let’s delve into the world of batteries, explore their benefits, and discover how we can help you achieve energy independence.

Energy Independence

Energy independence is a compelling benefit of solar batteries, and it represents a transformative shift in the way individuals and businesses consume electricity.

Continuous Power Supply

We have the ability to instal a plug socked that leads directly to your solar panel batteries. Meaning, in the event of a power outage, you can still power your essential devices from the power stored in your batteries.

Become Less Dependant on the National Grid

By using batteries, you can reduce dependence on the grid and therefore have more control over your energy consumption and expenses. This means that you can power your home during grid outages, disruptions, or fluctuations in energy supply.

Why Choose Total Green Energy Solutions

When you choose Total Green Energy Solutions, you're choosing a partner you can trust to deliver high-quality solar solutions that meet your needs, save you money, and help create a more sustainable future for our planet.


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